WBC Fleet is an essential solution for intelligent GPS tracking of fleets small and large. Companies choose WBC Fleet to leverage a powerful set of technologies to keep customers aware of the vehicles’ whereabouts, condition, status and geographical location. As of 2016, there are more than 700 WBC Fleet-compatible tracking devices, including personal trackers and AVLs. Additionally, your smartphone can function as a fully-featured GPS-tracker with special software installed.

Our professional team offers business acumen along with technical skills and qualifications to understand your business and deliver the right solution. We deliver effective, reliable and highly-scalable IT solutions for GPS tracking, fleet management, environmental monitoring, security and industrial control.



WBC Fleet offers a portfolio of GPS-based tracking solutions giving vital information to operational staff, remote workers, and fleet vehicles. We reduce your business costs, increase your profits, and can help keep you in regulatory compliance.
Get valuable insight into you assets and workforce giving you the power to make critical business decisions with actionable real-time and historical data. The WBC Fleet maximizes your operational efficiency by reducing impactful metrics like, off-hours driving, payroll and paid overtime, idle time, and much much more.


WBC Fleet solution is capabe of collating parameters from all the different temperature sensors connected to devices to measure, monitor and report temperature levels of cold-chain and FMCG vehicles in real-time.


WBC Fleet is an innovative web-based fleet management tool, available in its hosted or license-based delivery mode. The system gives you awareness of all the necessary KPIs for any fleet size without making you leave the office.


In countries where vehicle theft comes in place, our software has been designed to comply with any type of hardware to track your vehicles and alarm you of possible trespassing.


WBC Fleet GPS tracking platform, empowers our company to ensure your team is driving responsibility by monitoring driving habits and safety of the vehicles. The expenses borne over the maintenance and fixations of corporate fleets are immense, and naturally — the driving behavior of delivery vehicles needs to be supervised to ensure passenger and cargo safety


When the corporate fleet becomes a tool to increase staff mobility, with our WBC Fleet solution you will not only have the total visibility of your whole fleet but also boost your own confidence of resources well-spent.


WBC Fleet fuel monitoring system is constructed effectively to measure and manage the use of fuel within the transport network by implementing various methods and technologies to track its consumption.


Keeping track of fixed assets provides logistical and security issues to any company. By trusting the hard work of metrics collection, data processing and accident reporting to our WBC Fleet asset monitoring solution, you get more time for other business activities, pending your input.


WBC Fleet GPS tracking platform is completely hardware-agnostic and is compatible with various types of devices.We are proud to offer the list of more than 700 different types of devices by over 50 different manufacturers. We are constantly working to improve our partnerships with device manufacturers, therefore have a list of devices able to satisfy every need.


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