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First start of the application brings us to the 'Units' mode, or simply work list. In the work list you can monitor units' parameters, or you can switch either to the 'Map' or 'Tracking' mode from here.

The work list contains dynamically updated unit information. This information includes current moving state, data actuality, state beginning time, duration, and address. Further let's explore the possible variants of graphic information presentation:

Current state

Current state unknown (check trip detection properties)
Last known state is no longer relevant as it was detected more than a week ago
No data from unit

Ignition state

Ignition is on (green circle with key). Ignition off — key not shown

:!: Attention! Unit's current state as well as ignition state are available only if you have 'Query messages or reports' right.

Data actuality

last message was received no more than 5 minutes ago

last message was received no more than an hour ago

last message was received no more than 24 hours ago

last message was received more than a day ago

On the first launch of WBC Fleet Mobile Client the work list contains all the units available in the Monitoring panel of WBC Fleet. However, it is more convenient if the work list contains the units you are currently interested in. To form the work list, it is necessary to move to the 'Choose units' menu by clicking the 'Eye' icon to the left of the dynamic search (for iOS — to the right of the dynamic search).

Units indicated by a flag in this menu are added to the work list. You can either choose all the necessary units one by one (tap it), or choose all the units at once (corresponding button in the end of the list). Use dynamic search to find a particular unit.

To get back to the work list after units choosing, it is necessary to save or dismiss indicated changes. In the interface of Android use the green check mark icon (save changes) or red cross icon (dismiss changes) to the left of the dynamic filter. Using iOS device, tap 'Save' or 'Cancel' buttons situated on both sides of the menu name.

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