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To receive mobile notifications, it is necessary to configure their sending in WBC Fleet. In other words, it is necessary to create a new notification in the corresponding panel of the monitoring system and choose 'Send mobile notification' as a way of notification action. Notification receiving should also be activated in the 'Settings' mode of WBC Fleet Mobile Client.

:!: Moreover, to send mobile notifications it is necessary to activate such services as 'Mobile notifications' and 'WBC Fleet Mobile Client'.

Received notifications are automatically saved in the system, and afterwards can be viewed in the corresponding mode. Note that notifications are stored in the system within 30 days. Besides, the number of notifications per one user is limited to 2000 items.

Blue marker on the icon of switching to the main menu signals about receiving a notification. The number of received notifications is displayed to the right of the corresponding menu item. After switching to the 'Notifications' mode the marker disappears.

Switching to the 'Notifications' mode is done via the same called menu item. Moreover, it is possible to be done through the work list or through the 'Tracking' mode. To do so, swipe to the left in the line of a unit for which a notification have triggered and tap the 'Bell'.

'Notifications' mode features a list of all the mobile notifications received. Tap any notification in the list to view unit's location on the map during notification triggering.

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