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Map mode can be activated by choosing the corresponding item in the main menu, or by tapping the map's icon situated in all the available modes to the right of their names. Units from the work list are displayed on the map. By default the map is centered in such a way that all the units get into vision field. Note that geofences created in WBC Fleet can be shown on the map of mobile client (enable the corresponding option in the 'Settings' mode of WBC Fleet Mobile Client).

Interacting with Map

Zooming: Map zooming is made by special controls appeared in the bottom right corner of the map. These controls can be enabled/disabled in the 'Settings' mode (choose in the main menu).

Moreover, map zooming can be made using special gestures on the screen:

  • Double tap — zoom in.
  • Two fingers tap — zoom out.
  • Two fingers stretch/pinch — zoom in and zoom out, correspondingly.
  • Double tap without releasing on the second tap, and then slide the finger down — to zoom in, or up — to zoom out.

Tilt gestures: You can tilt the map by placing two fingers on it and moving them up (increasing tilt angle) or down (decreasing tilt angle).

Map rotation: To rotate the map, place two fingers on it and apply a rotate motion. After the map has been rotated, a compass icon appears in the top right corner. Tap it in order the map to return to default position (North in the top of the screen).

Finding Device Location

Finding your own location is an additional feature of the application's map mode (can be used only if WBC Fleet Maps cartographic service is chosen). Tap the 'Arrow' control in the top right corner in order your current location to be shown on the map by a marker (the control receives active state). Upon moving the map and loosing location marker from the vision field, the 'Arrow' button changes for the 'Target' one, by tapping which the map will be centered on your location once again.

From the 'Map' mode you can move to the main menu (corresponding button in the upper left corner), or to the 'Track' mode (tap unit icon on the map).

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