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The following commands are supported in WBC Fleet Mobile Client:

  • Query position;
  • Block engine;
  • Unblock engine;
  • Activate output;
  • Deactivate output;
  • Set data transfer interval (how often unit sends data to the server);
  • Send custom message (sending of a non-standard command to a unit);
  • Send message to driver;
  • Upload configuration (not supported for iOS);
  • Upload firmware;
  • Query snapshot;
  • Query snapshot from specified camera;
  • Query DDD file.

Switching to the command sending menu can be done either from the work list ('Units' mode) or from the 'Tracking' mode. To do so, swipe to the left in the line of the corresponding unit, tap triangle, and choose the necessary command.

Here you can view detailed information on commands.

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