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Frequently Asked Questions

Device Does Not Connect

This type of device is not supported in WBC Fleet. See the full list of supported devices. If your device is not in the list, write to [email protected] and attach the original communications protocol of your device. See New Hardware Support for details.

No Parameter for a Sensor

Why there is not parameter for a sensor?

  1. Make sure your device is able to work with this sensor.
  2. Double-check all parameters. It is possible that the necessary parameter has another name. Usually, adcX stands for analogue inputs, inXfor digital inputs, outX for digital outputs. Some parameters can have prefixes like can_ (parameters for CAN bus).
  3. Some devices send sensor data in separate messages and not together with positional messages. In this case, you can either adjust device to send messages of this type or adjust a command in WBC Fleet to query such messages from time to time.
  4. If you are sure the sensor is compatible with your device, connected properly, and sends data to WBC Fleet, then write [email protected] with the request to support your sensor, and attach the latest version of the communications protocol for your device.

Protocol for a New Device

Is there a recommended protocol for manufacturers of GPS devices? Your program or hardware (device) will be supported in WBC Fleet faster and more efficaciously if you use one of previously supported protocols. For new devices, we recommend WBC Fleet IPS protocol.



Is it possible to activate INGIT Maps for WBC Fleet Hosting? There is no such possibility. INGIT Maps can be connected only to a client program. They do not fit for the web as their images are not static which means they cannot be split into squares (tiles).

Placing New Maps on WBC Fleet Hosting

What is the procedure to place a new map on WBC Fleet Hosting? Send your request with attached map to [email protected] If the map is too big to be sent by e-mail, you will be given FTP access. Supported map formats are: MP, MapInfo, ESRI Shape, OSM (OpenStreetMap). See the section Cartography for details. It is possible to place a map with classified access.

Wrong Addresses

What is to be done if incorrect addresses appear in reports or in search address tool? As address information is taken form the map, a more accurate or modern map is required in such situations. You can send us such a map [email protected] Supported map formats are: MP, MapInfo, ESRI Shape, OSM (OpenStreetMap). See the section Cartography for details. See also Placing New Maps on WBC Fleet Hosting.

Other Questions

WBC Fleet Hosting Design

What can I do about the appearance of the system?

You can change:

  • logo in the left upper corner (logo),
  • icon in the label of the page (favicon.ico),
  • title in the label of the page (title),
  • link at the bottom (copyright).

More radical changes are also available:

  • unique design of the system on the basis of your corporate style,
  • your logo on the authorization page,
  • customized color scheme,
  • customized fonts,
  • other changes.

Direct your request for design changes and provide all necessary information to [email protected]

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